Get Ready for the Quest of a LIFE time!

Head out on your quest to collect all 100 Eternal Coins to achieve your ETERNAL LIFE! By collecting 100 coins on each of the games 10 levels you’ll earn an Extra Life. Extra Lives allow you to collect Eternal Coins. Collecting all 100 Eternal Coins will allow you to achieve your final destiny, you’re ETERNAL LIFE! Travel from the plains to space, crossing oceans and climbing mountains. The journey will be difficult! Can you collect enough Eternal Coins to achieve the goal of ETERNAL LIFE?!

What Kind of Game Is It?

Travel back to the days when you’d sit down with a new game and have to finish it in one sitting! Challenge your friends to see who can gather the most eternal coins until one of you finally achieves the end goal of eternal life!

There are 10 planned levels.  Each level will contain 100 coins. Upon collecting all 100 coins the eternal coins will be revealed.  When the eternal coins are revealed you will also earn an extra life.  If you collect all 10 eternal coins you keep your additional life, if you die while collecting eternal coins you keep what you have but lose your additional life. You’ll start out with just one life, but doing well early will allow you to collect additional lives for the later challenges.

The game is planned to have a difficultly level not to achieve frustrating status. A difficulty that will get easier as you learn the game, the levels and the strategies.

Extra Life Development

Development is still very early. Initial planned release is Fall 2022. The game has one level in progress but most of the major gameplay components have been implemented already. Coding is coming along nicely. The biggest hurdle at this point may be 3D design. Currently the game is using Unity store assets but I would like to create my own assets for the game if possible.

The game’s development is being handled entirely by me. This is entirely a learning process for game development. I’ll be learning along with developing each step of the way. You can follow development on this page as well as the D24 Indie Games Facebook page.

The ultimate goal, launch the game on Steam!