Drone Trainer

Releasing my First Game! Drone Trainer has arrived!

A few short weeks ago I launched my first game, Drone Trainer.  Technically reaching the end of my journey to become an indie game developer.  Well not quite, but actually releasing your first game, albeit as small one, puts things in full motion. GameDev.tv Helped Get Me Motivated! Things may have gone south if not

Drone Trainer

Welcome to Drone Trainer Academy where we are training anyone interested to fly drones!  As the world experiences a high demand for new drone pilots we welcome you to join our program and learn how to fly the newest drone tech.  That’s not all though, soon you’ll learn to shoot targets, deliver packages and more. 

Soul Searching

Soul Searching

Over the past few weeks I’ve been doing some soul searching. I’ve also been dealing with a cold.  My original goal of posting each Thursday has now gone out the window.  My guess is however that it may have been a good thing.  One thing I did not plan to assume with this journey was


Beginning my journey to become an indie game developer seemed like the perfect excuse to build a new PC. I wanted to make sure that I had the tools that I needed and be prepared for what may lie ahead.

Joining the Academy

Joining the Academy at Zenva was one way I knew I could add structure to my game development learning. It’s not the cheapest annual subscription, but the offerings are plenty and you can learn just about anything you need.

Hello World

I’m starting my journey to become an indie game developer and I’ve decided to track my journey in this blog. Each week I’ll post based on what I’m doing and where I am in the process. I’m planning to learn a lot and this won’t be a straightforward journey, but hopefully you’ll find something along the way that may help you as well.